I offer video production, animation and post-production. Whether it is a promotional video, corporate video, b-roll, or a feature length documentary, I provide all services to meet your needs. I effectively manage every aspect of production from creative concept, to lighting design, to directing on-screen talent. I provide a variety of formats to match your production needs and budget.


As a producer of corporate, promotional and documentary videos, as well as b-roll footage, I effectively manage every aspect of production from creative concept, to lighting design, and directing on-screen talent. I provide a variety of formats to match your production needs and budget.


In addition to my core team, I have roster of talented and trusted cast and crew to draw upon for any size project.


Videos can be a boost to your website or email marketing, and in a minute you can tell the story of your product or service in an engaging way, that statistics show lead to sales. I can deliver a final product in a variety of formats to match your production needs and budget.

While the right tools of the trade are critical, the most vital ingredient to a successful project is thorough planning. During preproduction planning and concept development I meet with each client and map out a project proposal addressing the unique elements necessary for the success of the project. During this preproduction planning period I address the following areas:


Goal – What is your goal for the project? (e.g. fundraising, promotion, etc.)


Message – What information do you want your audience to walk away with?


Audience – Who is your primary audience? (e.g. funders, prospective clients)


Length – What are your length restrictions? (e.g. most effective web video is 3-5 minutes)


Venue/format – How will people see your film or video? (web, broadcast, DVD)


After these primary questions are answered I'm able to focus on style, content, timeline, budget, and logistics. Although I always begin with a very clear idea of the look, feel, and effect of the final cut, I allow room for projects to grow, change, and develop organically.


Post-Production Studio

I provide a full range of post-production video services. Using software such as Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Compressor as well the Adobe Creative Suite’s Permier After Effects, Photoshop and Media Encoder. With an ever increasing amount of digital storage and a video archiving service I can process any post-production project with speed and precision.



Whether I produced your project or not, I provide both supervised and un-supervised editing. During a supervised edit the client works side by side with me to cut the film specifically following an EDL, or edit decision list. An un-supervised edit starts with a client interview to determine the goals for the project. This includes length, pace, flavor, and content. Then I edit a rough cut and offer it for client review. Once written feedback is given a final cut is delivered for approval. When managing a full production, from creative to final cut, I edit a rough cut and then invite the client to participate in an edit session to finalize the project. All project previews may be offered over FTP or in-studio edit session.


Web-Broadcast and Compression

Over half of my video production projects have been used for web-broadcast. I provide all rendering, encoding, and compression services needed to provide clean, crisp streaming video to audiences across the web.


Motion Graphics and Design

I use motion graphics and design in my final projects to provide dynamic intros, titling, and effects. But I can go above and beyond the basics by creating a story and telling your message through graphic effects and animation that truly captivate your audience.


The process of creating an animation is quite similar to video production: I take into account the goal, audience, creative aesthetic, and distribution when drafting a project proposal for my clients. I use the latest and greatest in animation programs like Adobe After Effect CC, Motion, Anime Studio, etc.



Based on the feedback I get from the initial style frames I create a storyboard that depicts each frame, camera moves, and narration. I save you time and money by making as many decisions on details in the storyboarding process.


Final Piece

After the storyboards are approved, I create an animation for initial review.


Providing a full range of production and post-production services I am able to take your project from concept to final cut, because I offer all of these services in-house and keep my services affordable.


Here are some samples of my work.

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