Vaschelle Andre

Vaschelle Andre it’s an amazing photographer, with a beautiful and unique style. She wanted to have a image that represents the quality of her work and have a website to showcase her photography and she wanted for the viewer to immerse in her work.


I started designing her logo. Something very simple but elegant, with a modern font. I designed all her stationery where the logo was printed in silver foil.


For the website, I brought the same look and feel of her stationery. I wanted the photos to be the focal point. The site is group in three main section: portraiture, journalism, and events. When selected, each section will show the thumbnails in that group. Ones click on any of the photos, will trigger the slide show that will take over the whole browser, showing photo at the time of each group. I added a About Me page, as well a Get in touch with a form where viewers are able to send emails without abandoning her site.


Simultaneously, I created a mobile and tablet version to bring the viewer the best experience when browsing through her site.


As time passes, I keep adding Vaschelle's new artwork, improving her website with the new design elements and technology available.

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Live link to Vaschelle Andre.

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