What people is saying about Pablo

“Nothing like it!

It’s a vacation in an hour!”



“Since Pablo started to take care of my skin, it has improved 100%. The products are wonderful, my skin is bright and smoother than ever and of course the service is very professional and friendly. Thanks Pablo.”

-Patricia Martinez


“Waxing is never fun, but Pablo makes it bearable and as enjoyable as it can be. Whether it is waxing, or one of his many “magic” skin treatments, you always leave Pablo looking and feeling better than you arrived.”



“I’ve been very happy with Pablo’s service. He is friendly, professional and thorough. He makes all-over waxing, including brazilian, as fast and as comfortable as possible. You won’t be disappointed.”



“On top of the benefits of a great facial, Pablo makes it a unique and pleasant experience.”

-Jose F. Justo


“Pablo is the best waxer I have found in years of having my shoulders and back done. He has been doing this work for me for the last couple of years. He works quickly, confidently and gently; he makes a tense procedure relaxing. He also has a great sense of making the waxing look masculine and natural.”

-Mike Craven


“My monthly facials with Pablo are a special treat. Not only do they help my skin stay youthful looking, but the treatments themselves are incredibly relaxing. Pablo has created a spa like environment in his work studio that is soothing and functional. He is knowledgeable about skin care and products to extend the benefits of the treatments. I especially appreciate that he shares that knowledge without pressuring you to buy products.”

-Ricia Gittins


“After Pablo gave me a very professional evaluation of my skin, he suggested a series of six facials, with a light dermabrasion feature. At the end of my series, my skin was noticeably smoother and softer. I had many friends comment on how healthy my skin looked. The products Pablo offered me to use at home have kept my skin looking as good as it did after the facials. I am very pleased with the results and have enjoyed working with Pablo very much.”



“I have been seeing Pablo for over two years for my facial skin care. Not only do I notice a difference, but other people do as well. People often comment on how ‘fresh’ I look, or express surprise when they find out my age. Since I’ve been seeing Pablo my skin is much more even with redness and sun damage very much reduced. He is very knowledgeable about the products he uses, and I believe this, as well as his commitment to his work and clients, is the reason I have had such great outcomes working with him. And an even bigger bonus is that Pablo himself is such a warm and welcoming person that it is a genuine pleasure to literally put your face in his hands. The only thing I would change about my experience would be to see him more often!”



“My treatments with Pablo Parra have always been fantastic! I have been seeing him for the past two years for facial, peels and micro derm-abrasion. His produces are superior and service is far above any esthetician I have ever been to before. He is always making sure you are comfortable during the procedures, satisfied with the produces and treatments. I have had many new and old friends tell me my skin looks great. I have noticed a big difference in my skin texture and the reduction of my facial lines. Also, he has amazing hands when he gives you a back message. I would recommend Pablo to anyone and ever one. Sincerely,”

-Angelo Di Pietrantonio


“Every minute I have spent in Pablo’s treatment room has been relaxing and restorative. The room itself is like a calm bubble away from the outside world. He has created for me an atmosphere where I can really lay back and feel comfortable and let him work his magic. He is very attentive to my skin’s needs and his treatments give my skin a clear, healthy glow which I have never experienced before. My skin is oily and finding the right balance to keep my skin clear while not drying it out has always been a challenge for me. And the products he has recommended keep it clear. Working with Pablo to reach my skin’s potential has been an amazingly rewarding process!”

-Jennifer Broughton


“I am a male, 51 year-old Californian, ethnically northern European and a long distance runner. Many years of outdoor training and recreational running have left my face lined with sun damage on my forehead. I figured the only way I could eliminate those signs of aging skin was through surgery, lasers, injectable fillers and a regular series of hypodermic needles filled with nerve toxins. As delightful as those options sound, I was not quite ready for those procedures. I am also sure that I do not want to go through the rest of my life looking like I am constantly walking into a wind storm. I went to Pablo for help because I was suffering from some dry skin areas around my nose and some blotchieness on my forehead. We started with a series of four facials over about six weeks; Pablo also developed a simple home skin care regime with gentle products that were developed for my type of skin. The first session was incredible; I had heard that facials were painful and tedious, but this facial was relaxing, restful, soothing and peaceful. I did not want the treatment to end. On my way out of the treatment room I looked in the mirror and I noticed a change in my face immediately. My skin had a healthy glow and it looked smoother. I was amazed. With the skin care products that I used at home and the regular treatments, my skin continued to improve. The dry areas and blotchiness are gone. The lines and sun damage are minimized; my skin just looks healthier. My friends have commented on how great my skin looks and some of the more bitter ones have even suggested that I have had some “work done.” I highly recommend Pablo Parra, he is friendly and professional. Pablo takes his work seriously, and he continuously learns about the newest techniques and products available in his profession. The treatment room is private, tranquil, sanitary and designed for the customer’s comfort. When you meet Pablo Parra you will see that he is his own best advertisement, he is a damn good looking man.”

-Brian Devine

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