Pevonia and Medicalia

Pevonia is the only product line available on today’s market that offers rich, powerful botanical ingredients derived from nature itself. This exclusive formulation was created by the most elite and renowned biologists in Switzerland, combining only the most non-comedogenic ingredients, nourishing plant extracts, and essential and vegetable oils to hydrate and repair the skin. Each possible allergy-causing ingredient has been meticulously eliminated, and there are no artificial colors or fragrances, no mineral oil or lanolin, and no alcohol or PABA. The result is a product line filled with intensity and purity.

After the success of the Pevonia Botanica SPA products line, Sylvie Hennessey listened to the more specialized needs voiced by leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons for a clinically conscious skin care line. After four years of extensive research and development, Medicalia was conceptualized. Medicalia incorporates the latest high-performance ingredients in a simple-to-use, compact specialty line for people of all ages and skin types. Each product is in complete synergy with surgical procedures and medical prescriptions offered by physicians.

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