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Tom Fortes Mayer

Tom has worked in the world of personal and professional development since the year 2000. He is committed to the belief that nothing is ever wrong. All behaviors are an attempt to help an individual make sense of the world. He has a supreme belief in the healing power of music when used directly as a metaphor for transformation. Music and movement are therefore an integral part of my work. He is also passionate about the importance of celebration, rites of passage, and ritual. He is happiest when designing and delivering heartfelt events and ceremonies that are designed to free the mind, warm the heart, and nourish the soul. It is for this reason that he is proud to be the male facilitator for Celebration of Being in the UK. When he first encountered this work, it was extraordinarily powerful and opened up for him a whole new way of working with people. Being part of that team now is a real privilege. Tom is totally devoted to this work and looks forward to bringing my very best to support and inspire his brothers and sisters through these wonderful offerings.

During his coaching sessions Tom draws on a number of different healing modalities, and his work combines influences from all of these approaches and blends them all into his own unique style. His work includes elements of:

• Hypnosis

• NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming)

• Gestalt Counseling



• Meditation

• Mindfulness techniques.

He specializes in helping people to overcome self-sabotage, negative repetitive patterns, and self doubt.

His work focuses on the FreeMind  “3 Steps to Freedom” Emotional Fitness Model.

Step 1. Emotional Detox – Releasing stored up negative emotion

• Dissolving Limiting Beliefs

• Cleaning up and making amends for behavior/actions/choices that were out of integrity

• Health and fitness – Keep the compass clean

Step 2. Emotional Strength – Resilience & Confidence training

• Success Psychology

• Integrity In Action Training

• Mind Programming Training

• Communication Skills

• Leadership  Skills

Step 3. Emotional Connection – Contribution to the greater good

• Collaboration, creativity, charisma training

• Community Creation & Celebration

• Oneness awareness  & Beyond ego relating

He is happy to see people for one-off sessions, but his greatest joy is working with people over a longer period of time, to see them raise the level of their emotional fitness in these three key areas.

He also helps people implement these principles within teams in the workplace.

To contact Tom about his services, please email him:

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