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Rajyo Markman

Rajyo Markman is a highly skilled workshop facilitator, Somatic therapist and Master Results coach. She is also trained in Non Violent (Compassionate) Communication and Family Constellation work. She is a certified Massage Therapist, Aquatic bodywork practitioner, and a qualified Yoga and Meditation teacher. She has been initiated into giving Oneness Blessing to others, and initiating others to give the Blessing also. Rajyo is a spiritual teacher, mystic and a gifted healer, who has been working with people internationally for over 20 years in the area of personal growth and transformation. She has studied with many remarkable teachers and mentors and undergone thousands of hours of intensive practice of meditation and spiritual studies. She has extensive training in transpersonal transformation, meditation and spiritual counseling and aims to bring as rich and deep an experience to her clients and participants as possible.

Rajyo’s explorations have taken her to all corners of the world and deep explorations of the inner realms. Her own inner journey began in 1980 when she met and lived in the ashram of the awakened Mystic Osho. From his teachings she brings many cutting edge tools and techniques for catalyzing awakening. Rajyo also spent time with Sri HL Poonja, the last living disciple of the Indian saint Ramana Maharshi. For five years she studied with the Sufi teacher, Faisel Muqquadim from whom she learned about Essence and the Enneagram in the Diamond Logos work. In 2004 she met Leonard Jacobson who has helped her bring the profound yet simple teaching of Presence into her work. In 2007 she was initiated into giving the Oneness Blessing in India. Her spiritual practice these days is a combination of quieting the mind with Buddhist meditation and the devotional heart opening practices coming from the Oneness University in India, that emphasize the very real possibility (and necessity) of us awakening into our full potential as human beings if we are to make the shift in consciousness that will get us through these turbulent times in “The Great Turning”, as some have named it.

With the sudden death of her mother at a young age and her own journey of healing from breast cancer she has become especially skilled in working with others going through trauma, transition and transformation. Rajyo deeply appreciates the alchemical nature of the transformational journey. She has found that as we turn towards our fears, wounds and shortcomings, they become the doorway to the riches of our Being. She assists men and women discover the jewels within and to live a more heart-centered, body-oriented life where their own intuitive nature becomes their guide.

In her private sessions, workshops, trainings and retreats she combines trauma healing, self inquiry, mindfulness practice, compassionate counseling, and breath and body awareness to assist others to experience the perfection of our essential wholeness.

Rajyo is passionate about helping people connect to their true essence, though releasing old traumas held in the nervous system, thereby being able to live more fully in the Present moment, and open to the Grace of the Divine that is our birthright as human beings.

Some of the tools/techniques Rajyo is trained in:

• Trauma Healing/Somatic Experiencing

• Breath therapy

• Counseling

• Gestalt

• Hellinger Family Constellation Work

• Parts Integration Work

• Life Coaching

• Mediation- Conflict Resolution

• NVC – Non-violent Communication

• Couple’s Counseling

• Yoga and Meditation

And many more cutting edge tools and techniques...

Rajyo lives in Hidden Valley Lake, California with her partner and her cat, Princess.

To find out more about Rajyo’s private sessions, trainings and retreats, please go to or e-mail her at

  • Trauma Healing/Somatic Experiencing

    Heal old traumas, wounds and hurts of the past keeping you stuck in ways that keep your life and relationships from flourishing.

    Open your heart to the tenderness that is there underneath the fear, hurt and defended patterns.

    Experience a deeper sense of Presence, purpose and passion in your life.

    Feel fully embodied, alive and connected to the truth of life in each moment.

    As children we were born into the world as a bundle of aliveness; full of love, joy and trust. This is our basic Nature. Developmental trauma and overwhelming events can throw us into emotional and physical distress, months and even years after the fact. These wounds form the beliefs and concepts we carry, which affects our perception of the present and prevent us from experiencing life directly. Instead they create symptoms of fear, stress, overwhelm, physical and psychological dis-ease and chronic somatic illness.

    In order to survive, we had to develop coping mechanisms and defensive structures. The stress and uncertainty of living in these turbulent times often disconnects us further from ourselves and our true Nature. We vacillate between our frightened wounded self and the surviving strategies we have employed to feel safe and in control. Neither of these are who we truly are. Underneath both of these is our untainted Being that is pure, innocent, wise and free.

    Through working with the nervous system, the body’s innate intelligence and ability to heal can be remembered and reintegrated. People say they know what it is like to be “fully here” for the first time, as they regain trust in life and who they are. Trauma Healing/Somatic Therapy restores self-regulation, and returns a sense of peace, relaxation and wholeness to individuals who have had these precious gifts taken away.

    People who may be recovering from chronic illness, loss, divorce, bereavement, and the stress of modern day living will regain a sense of presence, aliveness, peace and joy.

    Rajyo’s sessions offer a way to reconnect with your essential nature and find a sense of self worth and trust in Life. From this place you will be able to effortlessly connect with your purpose, your passion and your true gifts.

    The gifts of ongoing sessions are numerous:

    Be able to renegotiate the stress and trauma held in the nervous system, that can be emotionally, mentally and physically debilitating, and often have us repeating painful patterns that don’t serve us. Regulating the nervous system gives us the ability to make new choices in life, feel more alive, present, and at peace inside.

    • Receive support for navigating through transitions and changes you face and be held accountable for creating a rich and fulfilling life for yourself

    • Receive help with relationship issues, gain tools for creating more intimate, empowering and loving relationships

    • Be seen, held, honored and acknowledged on your journey and be supported to open your heart, to love and live more fully

    • Have a guide and support on your evolution as a Soul, beyond the apparent circumstances, that can appear limiting and disempowering. Learn how to trust in and surrender to the Divine, and feel Grace moving powerfully through your life

    The transformational journey is ongoing; we need support to keep growing as human beings.  Life often has us shut down our hearts, and move into mechanical ways of existing. Group work, regular retreats, a daily practice of meditation and prayer, as well as the support of a skilled and experienced guide/coach/facilitator can really help you feel empowered and embodied and discover the true gifts you have, and to make a difference in this world.

    As change happens over time, it is highly recommended that you sign up for a three-six month series of sessions, every week or every other week.

    Cost for individual sessions are: $125-$150 per session (some scholarships are available) Couples counseling is also available.

    All fees must be paid in advance and 24 hours cancellation is required.

    All sessions are by appointment only, in person, on the phone or via skype.

  • Transformational Life Coaching

    Release old wounds and trauma’s from the past that create limiting patterns in body and mind.

    Learn how to live authentically and passionately from the heart.

    Come more fully into the present, and live from a place of resourcefulness, creativity and inner guidance?

    Get clear on your true values and life according to those.

    Have more ease, intimacy and joy in your relationships.

    Be held accountable to what you want and move forward with creating that in your life.

    Rajyo offers transformational life coaching for anyone searching for a more rich, fulfilling and meaningful life and a deeper connection to their own essence. She will guide you through the layers of the mind’s resistance, the trauma’s of the past, and the coping mechanisms and defensive structures that keep us separate from ourselves and others to the place inside that is powerful and resourceful. She will support you to open to the gifts of a life lived authentically from the heart.

    If you have a desire to live a more fully expressed and passionate life, and are not willing to settle for the status quo of your own mind or the ways of the world, then these sessions are for you. Rajyo will support you in allowing your authentic nature to come forth in a powerful way, whilst listening to the deeper calling of your soul.

    By increasing your self-awareness you can create and maintain healthier habits of mind and body, leading to a more fulfilling life and the inner-peace and sense of wholeness and well being you deserve. By opening to the Divine, no matter how you relate to the “Great Mystery”, you can experience the Grace flowing into your life and discover a world of beauty and magic, within and without.

    Rajyo’s coaching sessions offer a way to reconnect with your essential nature and discover a sense of self worth and trust in yourself. From this place you will be able to effortlessly connect with your purpose, your passion and your true gifts.

    Rajyo’s greatest joy is in helping people remember who they truly are. She is committed to supporting others to live from a place of authenticity and presence and through this to create a world of conscious people, living passionately and relating from the heart.


  • Couple's Coaching

    Open to true connection and intimacy with another.

    Fully own your masculine or feminine essence and allow your partner to both inspire and appreciate those qualities in you.

    Learn how to communicate responsibly and lovingly when conflict arises, and deepen into greater intimacy.

    Embrace relationship as a spiritual path.

    In relationship, we come together for each other’s healing, growth and transformation. It is a time of great potential. However often that potential gets lost amidst the trauma’s of the past that get activated as we move into greater intimacy with another. We all long for the perfect partner that can heal the wounds that happened in childhood, and lead us into wholeness.  After the yummy merging of the honeymoon phase, we often move into power struggle as we try to establish our sense of self within the relationship, and then settle for the dead zone where we live in the awful world of compromise, settling for a half life where our passion, aliveness and intimacy are sacrificed. We become shut down, and resentful, tending towards unhealthy ways of relating and communicating. We often lose sight of relationship as a chance to step into co creativity.

    If we are on a spiritual journey, we recognize that this partner has been “sent” to us to heal these wounds by bringing them to the fore They say that “Love brings up everything unlike itself;” therefore intimate relationship is a profound and challenging spiritual journey. It needs great awareness, presence and compassion to hold ourselves and each other on this journey. However if we are willing and able to navigate this territory, it can be the richest and most fulfilling of adventures. We can realize love in action, love as a verb, and Love as our greatest potential. And so we open to the possibility of opening to Divine connection with another, and realize the gift of intimate relationship as a path to love and union on all levels. In relationship, we can realize our full potential as the Empowered Masculine and the Radiant Feminine.

  • Spiritual Coaching

    Rajyo offers spiritual coaching for anyone searching for a more meaningful life and a deeper connection to their own essence. She is passionate about supporting others to develop a relationship with the Divine. This Presence that some call God, some call the Beloved, some call Spirit, some call the Great Mystery, is available to us all, whether or not we have a religious affinity. No matter by what name you call this Presence, it is available to everyone; it just takes removing the concepts and beliefs of the mind and layers of hardness around the heart. Rajyo is passionate about supporting you to come closer to the Divine so that you can experience more Grace in your Life.

    Rajyo will support you on two levels, the Mind and the Heart.

    Meditation and Mindfulness: (the “Cool” practices of Awareness)

    Rajyo has long experience with the meditative traditions of the East, where she spent many years in the ashram of the spiritual mystic Osho. From him she learned many catalysts for awakening. She uses active meditation techniques to energize the body, release emotional baggage, quiet the mind, and awaken to consciousness.

    She also practices and teaches Buddhist meditation to help us become aware of the busy mind, which keeps us distracted and disconnected from the truth of our essential Nature. She considers meditation to be the “cool” practice that helps us detach from our outer circumstances and calm the turbulence of the thinking mind. Meditation is a doorway into the silence and spaciousness of our inner Being. It helps us return to the present moment and create a more gentle, loving, and harmonious way of Being with ourselves, others, and the world.

    Prayer and Devotion: (the “Warm” practices of the heart.)

    Rajyo spent time studying the Sufi path of the heart as a way of developing love and devotion towards the Divine. These days she is connected to the Oneness University in India which speaks of the necessity of finding and developing our own personal connection to the Divine. This unique inner relationship is larger than our own egoic consciousness and can help to help us awaken. This awakening is an act of Grace; it is given to us, we cannot do it for ourselves.  Through spending time each day in dedicated prayer and devotion, we open to that Presence so It can support us on all levels, and have a tangible experience of Grace working in our life. Rajyo is dedicated to supporting you to develop a deeper connection with your own Divine Presence, through prayer, devotion and Deeksha (Oneness Blessing), a spiritual transmission of Grace

    Rajyo’s Spiritual Coaching is non denominational, for people from all faiths and backgrounds and will help you find more peace, harmony, balance and inner freedom.

  • Testimonials

    "The greatest benefit of any man or woman working with Rajyo is that she brings a truly agenda-free compassion and wisdom; I’ve never known anyone who equals it. Because of her clear and loving energy, combined with her skills and wisdom, she opens the space for authentic healing to occur. Seeing the wounds of others clearly and gently walking them through them – NO ONE in growth work is better, in my experience."

    Scott Sobol, Los Angeles

    "Rajyo’s coaching is both powerful and profound. The space she holds enables me to go to places I would normally shy away from- to confront the things I am scared of, to help me discover the real me inside. As a result I am more open, more alive and more passionate about life and myself. I have stepped into my power as a woman and feel confident about sharing my gifts with the world. I am grateful for having such an empathic guide on my journey."

    Zoe, UK

    "I have never had such safe intimate counsel to fully blossom into the man I am supposed to be. The coaching is an enormous gift to evaluate what is working in my life and what needs work. I feel incredibly honored and challenged to make real changes in my life. I have been shown that the changes I want to make in my life are surmountable and depend on me to address them. I have an ally truly invested in my emotional, spiritual, and physical success, and that gives me endless hope, and gratitude."

    Malcolm Hardiman, Las Vegas

    "What Rajyo brings is like a shooting star in the dark. It's like being lost at sea, waves crashing in the night, and all of a sudden lightening lights up the sky and everything is crystal clear and you see your path. Rajyo works like a laser of love that goes to the exact spot that needs to be healed."

    Jewel, New Jersey

    "I am deeply grateful for Rajyo’s wisdom…the teachings that come through so clearly…I bow down in gratitude for the divine perfection that has come and continues to come… Each moment that I ponder the darkest of hours that I was met with love and compassion right when I was at my last bit of sanity…Rajyo was there with the eyes of the divine to meet me. I am now seeing that this surrender…the edge of death itself is where life really begins again and again… I am present to the pure channel she was for me in the healing of my soul “

    Paula, California

    "In my coaching with Rajyo incredible things are happening in my life. I had difficulty in feeling confident with my decisions and would often back-peddle. In working with Rajyo I find myself developing the ability to go inside and find out what I really want on a very basic gut level. Building this emotional muscle is allowing me to both make more definite decisions and to stand my ground. Rajyo’s presence as a gentle but purposeful facilitator is allowing me to delve deeper into what does and doesn’t work in my life."

    Jake Reason, Los Angeles

There is a Brokenness

There is a brokenness
out of which comes the unbreakable

There is a shatteredness
out of which blooms the unshatterable

There is a sorrow beyond all grief
which leads to joy
and a fragility out of whose depths
emerges strength

There is a hollow space to vast for words
through which we pass with each loss,
out of whose darkness 
we are sanctioned into being.


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