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Rajyo and Britta have released these meditation audio files to assist with deepening your practice and help bring peace, love, and equanimity into our lives and around the world.

Healing Journey Into Being

Is a guided hypnosis into the body, helping all parts of the physical body and mind to relax and unwind so that you can connect once more with the vast realms of healing available when we are connected to Being. This audio file contains a bonus track from Deva Premal and Miten called "In the Light of Love."

Journey Into Presence

Is a guided meditation with tools to help you deepen into Presence, both with your attention in the outer, what you are seeing, hearing, and doing, and also with the attention on your own inner body.

Healing the Heart of the World

Is an ancient Tibetan Meditation that has been called Atisha's Heart Meditation, or Tonglen ("giving and taking"), where we take in the suffering of others and we give our love and compassion. It is a powerful practice that can heal our own negative karma and help reduce the suffering in the world. This also contains a bonus track from Miten called Native Son.

Sitting Silently

"Sitting silently, the spring comes… and the grass grows by itself..."

Zen proverb

Sitting Silently is a guided Meditation to help you develop or deepen your meditation practice. With very clear and simple instructions from the Buddhist Tradition, it will help you to arrive and settle on your meditation cushion, focus on watching your breath and begin to become the witness of your inner experience. There are also two bonus tracks of music that you can use once you feel comfortable to simply sit and meditate to.


Music by Britta & Almasto

This album has been inspired over many years in many places on this earth—particularly India—but also Australia, Europe, Canada, and California. It is quite eclectic, yet all of the songs are different ways to sing our songs of love and devotion to the Divine, who has knocked on the doors of our hearts with these songs, so loudly, yet gently.

Many amazing experiences, inside and out, have prepared the way for this music, and so many beautiful people have been involved with the inception and creation of the album. I am happy to be able to share this with you. It is my heartfelt wish that this music may inspire you to REMEMBER.

Much love and blessings,


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