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Power of Love

Have you ever felt that finding real love with a man is impossible?

Do you feel that men are incapable of showing up and meeting you fully?

Do you get frustrated with playing out old patterns in relationships that betray your feminine essence?

In the Power of Love Workshop you will learn:

• To trust your natural feminine radiance in the presence of men

• What its like to be heard, held, and honored by men as the amazing 
 woman that you are

• To communicate your desires & needs in a loving, clear and authentic way

• To receive a man’s love with confidence and graciousness.


In many women today there is a longing to freely live our basic essence - the Essence of Love. There is a deep desire to experience love in an undefended way, and yet so often the love that could be given and received is left unexpressed because of the wounds of our past. This often leaves us with hopelessness and resignation, and the deepest levels of our hearts remain shut down to ourselves and to others.

This process provides a safe space where women can express and explore their fears, wounds, and resentments with the masculine, while being held and supported by an experienced male staff. Being able to experience men being emotionally present for women with unconditional acceptance and love, allows for the possibility of the true healing of a woman’s heart.

This intensive culminates in a Rite of Passage for women into the Power of Love that lies at the depth of every woman’s heart, while honoring themselves and being honored by the men.

This group will be staffed by men who have completed the Noble Man workshop and are willing to and capable of being present for the women on this courageous journey to discover the true Power of their Love.

Some of the issues you can expect to address in this workshop are:

• Releasing old patterns and healing old wounds that perpetuate separation
between you and men

• Releasing old feelings of resentment, hurt, and blame towards men

• Releasing painful judgments and condemnation towards the opposite sex

• Releasing unworthiness issues around the masculine

• Releasing your fears of intimacy with men

Some of the benefits you can expect to find in this workshop are:

• Finding your true worth and power as a woman in the presence of men

• Finding the strong woman inside who is choosing to be vulnerable

• Letting yourself relax and surrender into your feminine essence with men

• Defining what healthy boundaries around men mean for you

• Being able to speak and live your truth with men, no matter what

• Recognizing the beauty of woman and the beauty of man, honoring and celebrating the differences

United States

July 25-28, 2013
Middletown, CA

United Kingdom

February 7-10, 2013
Winchester House,
Shanklin, Isle of Wight

Novembe 7-10, 2013
Winchester House
Isle of Wight

Power of Love Workshop $695 + $300 for food and accommodation

Early bird discounts

2 months-early sign up: $495 + $300 for food and accommodation.

1 month-early sign up: $595 + $300 for food and accommodation.

There is a $350 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your space. Tuition includes all meals and accommodation for the entire 3.5 days. Financial assistance available in some cases. Click here to download our financial assistant form.

Click here for our cancellation policy.

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Middletown, CA. United States

Power of Love Workshop, United Kingdom £575.

There is a £195 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your space. The tuition includes all meals and accommodation for the entire 3.5 days.

Early registration discount: £495 (ten or more weeks prior)

Please contact Gina Holland in the UK:

162 Coolgardie Ave
Higham Park
London E4 9HX

T: 0794-078-8734 Gina
T: 0781-015-6739 Debbie


Directions and workshop preparation instructions will be sent to you after your registration is completed.

Click here for our cancellation policy.

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