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Noble Man

Have you ever felt disempowered or confused around women?

Do you wish to heal old wounds around your relationships with women?

Do you desire a deeper sense of connection and intimacy with women?

Do you wish to stand fully in your authentic masculine self?

In the Celebration of the Noble Man Workshop you will:

• Learn to trust your true power and sense of purpose in the presence of the feminine

• Release the old wounds, fears, and resentments towards women that keep you from being fully present

• Learn that being open, available and present is undeniably attractive to women

• Be able to have a fulfilling intimate relationship while staying true to yourself

The Noble Man workshop is a three-and-a-half-day intensive for men who wish to heal their issues with women. It is a profound process of receiving support and honoring from experienced women holding an unconditional space of acceptance, loving kindness, and devotion. This is a safe environment where you can express and explore your fears, wounds, and resentments around the feminine, and  let go of whatever is in the way of relating from a space of presence, openness, and integrity.

Because of the presence of the Feminine, the true essence of the Masculine can come forth in a more real and integrated way. You will feel supported to travel to the places within your own heart where you have shut down to love. From there you will rediscover where your true masculine strength lies and be able to fully express your power and presence as a man.

This intensive culminates in a Rite of Passage into your purpose and vision as a whole man, honoring yourself and being honored by women. It is a unique and individual Initiation for each man; one that helps you experience and honor your special gifts for yourself, for women, and for the world. It allows for the true alchemy of the masculine and the feminine to emerge, and the mysterious dance of man and woman to come alive.

This group will be lead by 1-2 female facilitators, 1-2 male co-facilitators, with the assistance of women who have completed the Celebration of Woman workshop and are willing to, and capable of, holding the men on this courageous journey to discover the true Noble Man within, the Knight without Armor! There are also some staff men present who have already completed the Noble Man workshop.

Some of the issues you can expect to heal in this workshop are:

• Releasing old wounds that perpetuate patterns of separation between you and women

• Healing your relationship with your Mother, and thereby all women

• Releasing painful judgments and condemnation towards the opposite sex

• Releasing unworthiness and incompetence issues around the feminine

• Releasing fears of intimacy with women

Some of the benefits you can expect to find in this workshop are:

• Strengthen your ability to stay emotionally present and open with women

• Find your true power as a man in the presence of women

• Be truly intimate with a woman without losing yourself in her

• Recognize the beauty of woman and the beauty of man while honoring and celebrating our differences

• Be able to have a satisfying and fulfilling relationship based on respect and mutual understanding


Fearless Lover

Rajyo & Britta interviewed by Adam Gilad

Listen online at

Ultimate Men's Summit Interview

Click here to download the audio-file and hear Britta speaking on the Ultimate Men's Summit on Knights Without Armor: Modern Man's Quest for the Courage to Be Vulnerable.” Become the Noble Man who is able to connect with his masculinity with an unarmored heart.

The Noble Man Experience

Noble Man Workshop

United States

April 11-14, 2013
San Luis Obispo, CA

October 24-27, 2013
San Luis Obispo, CA

November 14-17, 2013
Gore, VA

United Kingdom

May 2-5, 2013
Winchester House
Isle of Wight

October 3-6, 2013
Winchester House,
Shanklin, Isle of Wight

Noble Man Workshop $695 + $300 for food and accommodation

Early bird discounts

2 months-early sign up: $495 + $300 for food and accommodation.

1 month-early sign up: $595 + $300 for food and accommodation.

Tuition includes all meals and accommodation for the entire 3.5 days. Financial assistance is available in some cases. Click here to download our financial assistant form.

Click here for our cancellation policy.

Reserve now!

San Luis Obispo, CA. United States

Noble Man Workshop, United Kingdom £575

There is a £195 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your space. The tuition includes all meals and accommodation for the entire 3.5 days.

Early registration discount: £525 (ten or more weeks prior)

Please contact Gina Holland in the UK:

162 Coolgardie Ave
Higham Park
London E4 9HX

T: 0794-078-8734 Gina

T: 0781-015-6739 Debbie


Directions and workshop preparation instructions will be sent to you after your registration is completed.

Click here for our cancellation policy.

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