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Lee Eskey

Lee Eskey is a dynamic life and spiritual coach who combines the best in cutting-edge personal growth modalities with a profoundly Christian perspective.  Lee is a certified Family Constellations facilitator, as well as a facilitator with several men’s healing initiatives, including The Mankind Project, People Can Change, and Celebration of Being. With his wife, Britta, he leads couple’s workshops in America and England. Lee has also worked extensively with men who seek resolution for unwanted same sex attraction or “SSA.”

Lee is in the Certification Program at the Theology of the Body Institute. His passion is bringing a fully Christian view of the human person to the work of emotional healing for men and women. His experience is that embracing the often-neglected embodied aspect of our humanity, is the most powerful path to both emotional healing and to living the deepest spiritual life.

He has worked as a professional actor and an acting coach for television, stage, and film, and it is as an actor that he discovered the value of a somatic – or embodied – approach to emotional growth and healing. His journey took him from the East to the West Coast with several stops in between, eventually landing in Los Angeles, and now in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lee holds a B.A. in Drama from the Catholic University of America and an M.F.A. in Acting from the National Theatre Conservatory.

Lee is adjunct professor of Acting and Communications at John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego.

Lee’s philosophy is simple: We are made by God to live life to the fullest.  And being made in God’s image means we are made to fully give and receive all the grace, love, and “good” life provides. We are made for nothing less than this!  And when we live this way we find true happiness. Embracing the fullness of life means saying “yes” to life with our whole selves. Part of that “yes” is removing the blocks that keep us from being our best and truest selves. The biggest block may be our conscious or unconscious “no” to God.  When that path is closed, we are profoundly limited, and despite all our “work” nothing bares lasting fruit, and all the facets of our life - especially work, relationships, and purpose - suffer.  When the path is opened and embraced, we welcome our deepest and truest selves. The world becomes a new and dynamic place, full of possibility.

To contact Lee about his services, please email him:

  • Life Coaching

    Life Coaching provides a path to heal and clear the past while stepping into your best self. It is both deep and practical. Lee will help you recognize and heal those emotional wounds that inhibit various parts of life, both interior – heart, passions, longing to connect and contribute –  and exterior – work, family, and relationships. Once we open to healing these wounds they become our greatest assets, and the effects ripple out into every part of our life. In Life Coaching Lee provides a supportive masculine guide for deep growth as well as the practical stuff of daily living. This is the path of doing our part so life can do it’s part. When we give 100% to be our best selves, life gives us 100%.

    Modalities include:

    • Goals and Accountability

    • Parts and Emotional Release Work

    • Family Constellations (

  • Spiritual Coaching

    Our relationship with God is the fundamental relationship that effects all other relationships, even our relationship with our self. Spiritual Coaching (a.k.a. “Spiritual Direction”) is the process of opening to see God - the very Source of Life - at work in our lives, as well as the ways we can respond enthusiastically and joyfully to that Source. Given the many ways we default to “no” in our relationship with God, ultimately Spiritual Coaching is about making a new choice. The choice of YES! For many of us this means replacing a view of a tyrannical and oppressive God with the truth of the God who loves us into creation. There is never a lack of God’s grace, the question is always, “what in me keeps me from receiving it?”

    Lee’s practice of Spiritual Coaching is based on the Christian mystical tradition (Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint John of the Cross, “The Cloud of Unknowing”) as well as the “Discernment of Spirits” of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Lee also incorporates the Theology of the Body (, an integrated approach to life and spirituality.

    Spiritual Coaching will help you:

    • Develop an ability to say “yes” more and more to the Divine in life

    • To give and receive love more deeply.

    • Establish and maintain a regular prayer practice

    • Open to an “embodied” spirituality that permeates every facet of your life - and that means every facet

    • Navigate through the difficult practicalities of life - relationships, work, family, and all the rest - while finding God to be your greatest asset

    • Finally, after however many years of avoidance, dealing straight on with the Big One



  • Family & Relationship Coaching

    Our greatest growth and greatest injuries are born of our relationships with one another. Our relationships - whether with family, romantic partners, or friends - are where the rubber hits the road in the most profound way.  Relationships are where we are most greatly nurtured, stretched, tested, wounded, challenged, consoled, and called upon to give and receive love. Relationships are the school of life and love.

    Whether it’s a wound with Mom, Dad, brother, sister, wife, husband, or some other person close to us, in seeking true freedom, all of us must sooner or later turn to the closest relationships in our lives in order to step into our best self. Until we are at peace with our most important relationships, we will not have peace within our selves.

    Family and Relationship Coaching is for anyone seeking renewed love and trust within a relationship. It’s open to individuals, couples, or entire families. Coaching establishes clear communication and can rebuild broken relationships, heal new and old wounds, and create new “win-win” agreements.

    Modalities include:

    • Couples & Family Mediation

    • Non-Violent Communication (

    • Clearings

  • Lee & Britta Eskey Projects

    Lee is married to Britta and they work together on several projects:


    Journey into the Heart of Christ (June 1-9, 2013, Gore, VA)
    A 9 day monastery-like intensive to engage your whole person - body, mind, heart, and soul - in the search for God from a Christian perspective.

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