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Gina Holland

Gina offers sessions on a short term basis either in person in London or over the phone.

Having done her formal training over 20 years ago, she has since evolved her unique way of being with people. She is a firm advocate of Carl Rogers and his model, which states “That each individual knows best what they need, with the understanding that given the environment of safety and acceptance the person will naturally move towards their own potential and self-actualization.” She has worked throughout the years with children, individuals, and couples presenting a wide and varied range of issues. She taps into a wealth of wisdom developed by her own life experiences, inner journey, and personal growth.

One of her greatest passions is being Mother and Grandmother to her family who has been and continue to be her greatest teachers, constantly inviting her to show up for life exactly as it is, in all its rawness and beauty.

Gina sees her role as a mirror and a guide, someone who will walk beside you whilst you reconnect with what is true, innate, essential and wise within.

She does this by holding a space of deep listening and safety, offering compassion and support; Gina believes and has had confirmed through her own experience that our longing and paradoxically our suffering is a universal call for connectedness… with ourselves, each other and our world. Her deepest knowing is that lack of Presence is painful, and re-establishing, and being rooted in Presence can alleviate and diminish our sense of separateness, suffering and fear.

A true and total meeting is her passion, inspiration, and her calling. This has developed, she believes, from her affinity with satsang, and love for her spiritual teachers, and mentors including Osho, Pamela Wilson, Satyananda and Mooji.

Gina says: In the course of The Celebration of Being groups, and with clients I have witnessed over and over that everything, EVERYTHING, once met with love and true acceptance transforms and enables us to come back to ourselves, naturally, softer, sweeter with integrity and true strength.

She also adds  It is my greatest honor and privilege to hold space for you and to hold your hand with an open heart whilst you remember your essence.

The way Gina works in her private sessions, is to take a close look at what is happening in the here and now. She sees that often past traumas and issues are continuously played out in our everyday experience and relationships. She will bring focus and attention to the presenting issue, giving space to the wounding and the beliefs that are still influencing and impacting the quality of life now and how we relate in the world Her aim is to explore what is being held in the body mind, and bring it into consciousness where it can be met with acceptance, honesty and Presence. what’s been noticed is that if an environment of welcoming is in place all that has been seen as negative, wrong, bad, will naturally integrate into the system and make our whole experience more conducive to the relaxed awareness that is our natural state.

To point a client inward into their own resources using a variety of skills, including inquiry, meditation, precise questioning, voice dialogue as well as deep reflection. She prides herself on being spontaneous, creative and able to move with the clients flow, pace and energy.

Gina is trained in Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, NLP, Voice dialogue and group facilitation.

She has worked in a treatment center for addiction and helped school children with play and art therapy and has a long standing private practice.

Gina accredits her deepest learning to Meditation, which enabled her to delve into the inner stillness mystery of her own being. and the wonders there-in.

To contact Gina about her services, please email her:

"There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground"


Gina Holland is deeply rooted in kindness and clarity. She is a warm unwavering friend to All and holds space beautifully as true listening and love. She is very restful to be around!

Pamela Wilson


"During my sessions with Gina at the beginning of my journey I felt safe and able to explore some very old and painful hurts , I was accepted and supported at a time I was  unable to feel it for myself , Gina has also been a wonderful part of my ongoing  journey and I feel truly blessed and grateful to have the connection we do."


There's only one word for Gina and that's amazing! I found her very trustworthy, easy to speak to and so understanding. She helped me through the hardest times in my life. And she is helping those loved ones around me too.


During my experience with Gina as her client i found her to be an extremely professional intuitive counsellor, I would highly recommend her to family and friends, she has changed my life!


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