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Transformational Life Coaching

Rajyo Markman, Britta Eskey,
Lee Eskey, Tom Fortes Mayer

Couple’s Coaching

Britta Eskey, Rajyo Markman,
Lee Eskey, Gina Holland,
Debbie Beauchamp

Parents/Family Coaching & Mediation

Gina Holland, Lee Eskey,
Debbie Beauchamp, Kim Howard

Trauma Healing

Rajyo Markman,
Debbie Beauchamp

Spiritual Coaching

Britta Eskey, Lee Eskey,
Rajyo Markman

Family Constellation

Rajyo Markman, Debbie Beauchamp, Britta Eske, Lee Eskey

Fitness/Wellness Coaching

Kim Howard


Celebration of Being offers a variety of Life Coaching services. You can receive coaching from Rajyo or Britta, the senior coaches and co-founders of Celebration of Being, or receive individual coaching from one of our specialized associate coaches. These coaches have been selected and trained by Rajyo and Britta, and have also gone through extensive training on their own. Each coach offers his or her own unique specialty. To learn more about our coaches, please read their specific pages.

What is Life Coaching and who is it for?

Coaching is important for everyone who wants a richer life. The deeper we go inside, the larger we can live out in the world. It is through the guidance and mentorship of a coach that you can work through limiting beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you. Through this deep holding of your process, you will be able to more easily focus on your vision and purpose and be held accountable for taking the action steps that will lead you toward your goals.

As change is a process that happens over a period of time, ongoing life coaching is a way to receive the most value, and profound and lasting progress in your day-to-day life. We will address real life issues, such as work and life purpose, relationships, sexuality, family, spirituality, creative expression, as well as recreation, health and care of the body.

One part of the coaching is looking at the issues that come up in those areas, and finding the underlying core issues, then going through the different layers of defense to the place that we protect the most, until we naturally connect with our essence.

The other part of the coaching will be coming up with concrete homework, actions that s-t-r-e-t-c-h you and bring forth the changes you want to create in your life, while having our coaches as a guide and witness to hold you accountable.

Coaching Designed For You

We will design the coaching program specifically tailored to your needs and desires. The regular sessions provide a safe and sacred space to explore your inner Being, as well as your expression and your ability to manifest in the world. We will investigate what old wounds, beliefs and issues are holding you back from living a fully passionate and purposeful life. You will be more aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, able to stay present in all situations, as well as connect more fully with the Divine.

A holistic Approach

Our approach is holistic, tending not only to all aspects of your external life, but also to the deepest level, to your soul’s needs and callings. The compassionate, yet deeply insightful space that we hold is a safe way to continue to move, change and grow in your life after participating in any of the Celebration of Being workshops. It is also an excellent way to prepare for them.

Scheduling & Pricing Information

Coaching sessions are conducted by phone, Skype, or in person. A three-month up front commitment is what we advise, however six months will give you the most optimal results, and is highly recommended. Your individual coaching package includes:


2 one-hour sessions per month (2 hours x 3 months = 6 hours total)

A. Senior Coaches
     (Rajyo or Britta):

$900 Upfront- SAVE $150

$1050 3 Monthly payments of $350

B. Certified COB Coach:

$700 Upfront – Save $110

$810 3 monthly payments of $270


4 one-hour sessions per month (4 hours x 3 months = 12 hours total)

A. Senior Coaches
     (Rajyo or Britta):

$1650 Upfront- SAVE $150

$1800 3 Monthly payments of $600

B. Certified COB Coach:

$1250 Upfront – Save $160

$1410 3 monthly payments of $470


• Once-a-week email correspondence in between sessions (Optional)

• One weekly free phone check-in support between sessions, if you need support with something that can’t wait until your next session (5-10 minutes is free, more than that we will charge a prorated price)

• Initial intake questionnaire, which you complete and we review before your first session

• Homework and reading assignments to keep you focused and growing

• A personalized action plan and self-care program

• Confidentiality

• Access to Celebration of Being’s resources in many different areas of wellness, personal growth, spirituality and personal development.

• Freedom to ask and share anything you want



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