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Celebration of Woman

Have you ever questioned what it means to be a woman in today’s world?

Do you have a longing to step into the power and beauty of the true feminine?

Do you wish to relax and be nourished by the deeper aspects of your own Feminine Being?

Are you ready to embrace your feminine radiance and innate wisdom?

In the Celebration of Woman Workshop you will:

• Fall deeply in love with your feminine self

• Claim your natural power to heal and be healed

• Rest in your innate feminine power and confidence


When you connect to the part of you that is and always has been whole and complete, there is nothing that can hold you back. This is your deepest feminine essence regardless of what has happened to you, or what you have chosen to believe about yourself.

“A Celebration of Woman" is an invitation into the full potential of being a woman. It will transform your relationship with yourself, with your loved ones and with the world.

Through the safety and sacredness of sisterhood, you can relax deeply into your true nature. You will recognize the preciousness of your own being and the beauty and power that lies at the heart of every woman. This three-and-a-half-day intensive is a powerful initiation for any woman into her true self.

Some of the issues you can expect to heal in this workshop are:

• Releasing the cloak of shame and unworthiness that has kept you small and limited

• Releasing old feelings of pain and anger that keep you stuck in the past

• Releasing painful judgment and condemnation of your body

• Releasing fears of intimacy with yourself, other women and men

Some of the benefits you can expect to gain in this workshop are:

• Find a deep love and acceptance of yourself and others

• Have the courage to speak your truth and own your worth

• Experience joy and celebrate your sensual self

• Live a fully embodied life with passion, power and Grace

• Claim and live your fullest potential as Woman


When a woman embraces all aspects of herself, her heart expands and she is full of possibility. This is an initiation into your deepest feminine essence!

United States

January 31- February 3,  2013
Orlando, FL

February 7-10, 2013
San Luis Obispo, CA

September 12-15, 2013
San Luis Obispo, CA

United Kingdom

March 14-17, 2013
St. Katherine’s,
Henley on Thames

June 20-23, 2013
Park Place,
Wickham, Hampshire

September 12-15, 2013
St. Katherine’s,
Henley on Thames

Celebration of Woman Workshop $695 + $300 for food and accommodation.

Early bird discounts

2 months-early sign up: $495 + $300 for food and accommodation.

1 month-early sign up: $595 + $300 fpr food and accommodation.

There is a $350 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your space. Tuition includes all meals and accommodation for the entire 3.5 days. Financial assistance available in some cases. Click here to download our financial assistant form.

Click here for our cancellation policy.

Reserve now!

San Luis Obispo, CA. United States

Orlando, FL. United States

Celebration of Woman Workshop, United Kingdom £525

There is a £195 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your space. The tuition includes all meals and accommodation for the entire 3.5 days.

Early registration discount: £495 (ten or more weeks prior)

Please contact Gina Holland in the UK:

162 Coolgardie Ave
Higham Park
London E4 9HX

T: 0794-078-8734 Gina

T: 0781-015-6739 Debbie


Directions and workshop preparation instructions will be sent to you after your registration is completed.

Click here for our cancellation policy.

Click here to read the "Finding the Feminine" article in the Healing Lifestyles Magazine (Sep/Oct 08 issue). Discover what is possible when you participate in the Celebration of Woman workshop!

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