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Britta Eskey

(formerly Johnson)

Britta has been working internationally in the field of transformation for over 25 years. She has a background in social work, family and couple’s therapy, Family Constellations, Gestalt, Emotional Release, dance and movement, spiritual direction, and transformational life coaching.

Starting in Germany as a social worker in women’s shelters, her path took her through many extensive inner and outer travels towards co-founding Celebration of Being in 1997 in the US with Rajyo.

Britta is the proud mother of two adult sons. She became a mother at the age of 20, and views her rite of passage into motherhood as one of the most empowering lessons in unconditional love, and as a pivotal point on her spiritual journey.

She loves to guide others in deepening their personal connection to God. Her own in-depth journey, from the ashrams of the Far East to the mystical traditions of the Christianity, have enabled her to enrich the spiritual life of many people from diverse faith traditions, assisting them in experiencing the presence of God as a day-to-day reality. She spent many years studying a wide array of spiritual paths and practices – including the Eastern contemplative practices, as well as extensive Western Psychotherapeutic practices. After returning full circle to her Christian roots, she now is a practicing Catholic, and her passion is to combine mystical Christian teachings with contemporary cutting edge personal growth techniques. As a spiritual coach, she guides people into a deeper, more mature and contemplative relationship with God, one that is based on a profound transformation of the heart.

From her vast array of experiences with people from all walks of life, she brings a laser-direct honesty, combined with gentle compassion, wrapped in non-judgmental wisdom. She sees the core wound of others clearly, and tenderly helps her clients heal it. Her greatest joy is to assist people in finding and living their purpose, potential and aliveness; their “best-version-of-themselves”! She lives in Marin County, California, and is married to Lee Eskey.

To contact Britta about her services, please email her:

  • Transformational Life Coaching

    Life coaching with Britta is for people who are ready to commit themselves to a fulfilling life, and who have decided they won’t settle for anything less than living fully; using their gifts, talents, and skills completely. With Britta’s guidance, you will learn to trust your inner voice and your deepest heart’s desires. You will realize that fulfillment is not something that will happen for some people sometimes, but is available to everyone in this present moment, and every moment that follows. You will discover that you have an innate intelligence that always guides you towards healing and reconciliation with the past. When that happens, you can relax and trust the present moment, and open to the infinite possibilities for your future, which leads towards more love and life.

    Britta’s vision is of a world of present and passionate people committed to Living Love, making a difference in the lives of others while living life fully themselves. Britta will always hold you to the biggest picture of what you can be, and remind you of the song of your soul when you forget it.

    What you will receive from ongoing Life Coaching with Britta:

    • Learning how to be present in your day-to-day life, so you can tap into your innate creativity, resourcefulness and wholeness

    • Clarity about your life’s direction and purpose

    • Discerning your priorities and values

    • Tending to, and releasing, the underlying core issues and traumas that hold you back from living your fullest potential

    • Accountability to your goals and commitments

    • Moving forward with the actions that will bring the change that you want

    • Deepening the understanding of your unique life’s lessons


    Some of the tools/techniques Britta is trained in:


    Family Therapy


    Hellinger Family Constellation Work* (

    Parts Integration Work

    EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique (

    Life Coaching

    Mediation- Conflict Resolution

    NVC – Non-violent Communication (

    Couple’s Therapy

    And many more cutting edge tools and techniques...

    *About Family Constellation Works:

    Constellation Works is an art and a practice for working through the difficult issues we face in our lives using the lens of the family system. Whether the challenges stem from depression or illness, difficult relationships or financial concerns, we help people uncover the roots of those issues by looking at the family over generations.

    Discover and learn about the natural order in your family system and how hidden loyalties might be holding you back from where you want to be in your life; healthier, more balanced, creative and in relationships that are satisfying and authentic.

    Constellation work is often described as being helpful when other approaches fall short and can be a wonderful adjunct to other ongoing therapies and resources.

    In all instances, this work requires, while at the same time deepens, a profound respect for the mystery of life and the forces that shape a family.


  • Couple's Coaching

    Britta is committed to helping couples create conscious relationships, full of presence, true intimacy, love, passion, depth, and joy!

    As most of us have experienced, the “Honeymoon Phase” of a relationship may last 3, 6, or even 12 months, but it will end. At that point couples often find themselves stuck in a power struggle which can lead to feelings of anger and shock, despair and sadness. Couples wonder what happened to their dream and might experience this disillusionment as quite painful. But there is hope! In fact, the pain and conflict of committed relationships arise not out of lack of love for our partners, but from a misunderstanding of what our struggles in love relationships are about. These power struggles, if faced with awareness and compassion, can actually take a couple deeper and deeper into intimacy. We grow out of the projections, dreams, and imaginings of immature love into a REAL lasting, more unconditional and mature love. We evolve from “Me to We”, from ”What can I get from you?” to “How can I love you?”

    In Britta’s view, relationships are like spiritual gold mines for couples seeking to awaken and be conscious with one another. Sadly only a few people recognize the enormous power of relationship as a vehicle for mutual healing – physical, emotional, and spiritual. All of life is spent in relationships: with one's self, another person, and the Divine. Whether we are in a couple or single, most of us intuitively know that intimate man-woman relationships can take us to the heights of our human experience – and challenge us like nothing else can. There is no greater teacher than the journey of intimate relationship.

    In couple’s coaching with Britta, you will learn:

    • How to turn conflict into connection

    • How to learn to speak each other love language

    • How to stay alive and connected in your true feminine and masculine essence,  and not become gender neutral and asexual

    • How to understand your partner’s “hot buttons”, and how to be compassionate with them, therefore helping each other heal your wounds instead of pouring salt on them.

    • How to be present with one another, even in the most uncomfortable or emotionally challenging situations

    • How to create true intimacy (INTO ME YOU SEE) and passion through honesty. “The truth shall set us free”

    • How to understand and tend to your partner’s needs without loosing yourself

    • How to use couplehood as a spiritual path to Awakening

  • Spiritual Coaching

    For most people it is very helpful to have someone to support them on their spiritual journey, as they grow closer to the Divine. Britta provides a prayerful, meditative, and holistic space for individuals seeking to nourish their spiritual lives, guiding them to strengthen their personal connection to God. As a seasoned world traveler, her own spiritual journey from the ashrams of the Far East to the spiritual traditions of the Christian Mystics have enabled her to enrich the spiritual life of those from diverse faith traditions. Her spiritual coaching is non-denominational, and anyone from any spiritual path can take what they learn with Britta and use it to enhance their own unique path.

    WHAT IS DIFFERENT about Britta’s work from that of most spiritual coaches is that she works on 2 two tracks simultaneously: One– the practices of contemplative prayer and meditation techniques to bring people into greater silence and into a more direct and tangible experience of God’s presence; Two – the psychological and emotional work that she has found to be an essential part of interior transformation. Clients will inquire into the concepts, beliefs, judgments, conditioning, wounds with God, Religion, etc. and anything else that blocks them from experiencing the unconditional, loving presence of the Divine. On most spiritual paths track two is left out, and in Britta’s opinion there are not enough clergy and spiritual teachers formally guiding people into this essential domain of inner work and psycho-spiritual growth along their journeys. Most Churches unfortunately aren’t providing a template for this kind of spiritual transformation, which Britta holds to be essential in turning childish parental projections about God into a mature and loving relationship with the Divine.

    As a spiritual guide, Britta assists you in:

    • Discerning your unique access way to God, your personal spiritual path, your specific calling, your gifts, and the personal challenges on your spiritual path

    • Noticing and responding to the movement of Spirit as experienced in prayer, meditation, and in the events of ordinary life

    • Developing a contemplative attitude

    • Exploring different contemporary prayer and meditation styles and forms, esp. of the Christian mystical tradition

  • Testimonials

    "Having a commitment to these coaching sessions, even when I felt very resistant, has been a gift that has helped me to change some very old patterns. The sessions have been very alive and truthful, followed up with 'homework' that I have chosen, with wise suggestions from Britta, to practice and then be responsible to check in about, which has been very grounding and empowering. I have been able to share experiences with Britta that seemed so private to me that I couldn't connect to other human beings in those spaces. I love and appreciate Britta’s particular way of inviting me to feel all the parts of myself without judgment and even delight. Britta’s integrity is one that I trust completely. I am moved by the availability of her heart to feel my deepest yearning, combined with her laser direct honesty and earthy practicality to bring forth those changes in my world."

    Rajyo Huntley, RN, Marin County, CA

    "Britta is a wonderfully skilled life coach who blends a very serene, awareness-based methodology with a thorough knowledge of psychology and behavior patterns. She has illuminated for me many blocks and stagnations that were preventing me from growing and thriving to the fullest.  She can challenge you when necessary, while maintaining a foundation of calm and loving support. I've been able to incorporate much of the healing that took place in her office into my life permanently, helping me to move beyond issues with parents, old lovers, and my own fears in a way that leaves me more confident and relaxed."

    Erik M., Teacher, Sonoma County

    "The coaching relationship with Britta has allowed me to appreciate myself more. It has helped me see myself more as a whole, deserving and important being, not just a worker. Britta is incredibly caring and intuitive, and focuses on me as an individual, not as just a variation of a template. As well, she includes the spiritual (my soul as it were) in working with me, which in my experience is often lacking in conventional coaching or therapy."

    Joel Berman, Tax Consultant, LA, CA

    "I have never experienced such a combination of deep emotional work with practical “life coaching”, as in my weekly phone sessions with Britta. It has really helped me to make concrete, profound, essential changes that I wished to make in my tired busy day-to-day life. I have had several powerful awakenings, found many answers that lie deep within myself, and have come up with ways to be really happy with myself and the people around me."

    Price Snedaker, Mother of three and concussion specialist, NY

    "My relationship with Britta as a spiritual coach has helped me to flower as a human being.  More than any other spiritual development work that I have done in recent years, Britta’s coaching has helped me to focus intensely towards my core issues, and to face them with compassion and awareness so that they could be healed.  My life has changed dramatically! Rather than having a gaping hole that needed love for fulfillment, I have come into a space where the love I feel for myself is so strong that it overflows in my life. I truly have felt a fundamental lasting shift in my being. I now feel deeply connected to God. Britta has an amazing gift of empathy and compassion that she brings into all her work."

    Pavan A. - Analyst Charles Schwab, San Francisco, CA

    Couple’s Coaching Testimonials:

    "Having Britta as our premarital coach provides a loving forum in which we can safely explore the beautiful and difficult issues we have as a couple. Britta's guided exploration of these issues is like a roadmap to help us find our way out of the dark woods when we're in them and, sometimes, to see that where we are is really where we wanted to be all along. Our work with her assists us in developing a loving language in our relationship that is aligned with who we are individually and as a man and a woman. Her years and years of work helping men and women step into their power and own the gifts life has brought them through struggle and success, makes her an invaluable resource and compassionate heart for the couple who is willing to look honestly and lovingly at themselves and their relationship. Britta helps us to see how every event, feeling, and concern we have in our relationship is a gift we can use to grow and to step into an even deeper loving relationship with each other."

    Elizabeth Hatrick & Greg Scheib

    "Britta has helped us develop our ability to listen to each other and speak with receptive hearts. She has facilitated our learning the only true trans-cultural, trans-gendered, trans-personal language: presence. Though we are a work in progress, as is any valuable pursuit of gold, we are working, and Britta has helped illuminate the innate skills we have as vulnerable beautiful human beings growing with each other. As a result, we feel empowered as a couple and blessed with courage. Britta's unique ability to hold honoring, unbiased, humble, raw, and nurturing space has inspired us to build a healing container. In so doing, we are learning how to disentangle our projections, to take emotional responsibility for ourselves and emotional accountability with each other."

    Love, Nancy & Blair Carter

  • Britta & Lee Eskey Projects

    Britta is married to Lee Eskey, and they work together on several projects:


    Journey into the Heart of Christ (June 1-9, 2013, Gore, VA)
    A 9 day monastery like intensive to engage your whole person- body, mind, heart and soul – in the search for God – from a Christian perspective.


    Click here for more information.


  • Chrysalis

    Chrysalis – A Young Woman’s Workshop
    Britta collaborates with Christine Hassler, Los Angels’ 20 something specialist, on a very powerful weekend workshop for young women.

    Click here for more info.

Be Gentle

Be gentle, my Beloved

Be gentle

No pushing, no forcing, no punishing

Be gentle


Let is happen

Let it come to you in its own time

Be gentle


The precious gem of your being

Needs gentle loving kindness

No hammer, no chisel and no axe

Will force it to the surface

Only patience, love and gentle persistence

Are like sunshine and water

To your fragile inner flower


Be gentle

Forgive yourself and forgive the other

For we all did not know what we were doing


Allow your innate intelligence to do the work

It’s all happening in its perfect time


You’re exactly where you are meant to be



Keep going strong

But tread gently on your path to freedom

Yes, please keep going, and never ever ever ever give up.


And always remember

Be gentle, my precious Beloved!


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